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Next Steps:

  • Submit your campaign by April 23 rd for approval from the nonprofit.
  • Establish a campaign goal.
  • Use the GiveNOLA Day branding.
  • Make a donation on GiveNOLA Day.
  • Send emails to your networks to encourage participation in your campaign.
  • Use your Social Media channels to encourage participation in your campaign.
  • Provide feedback and lessons learned for next year.


Click the image below to view/send/print out this Donation How-to sheet! It provides easy, step-by-step instructions for anyone looking to donate on May 1st!


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  • TAS Programs Info

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Give Nola Social Media Assets

Copy/paste this sample content into your posts on Facebook and Twitter.

#GiveNOLA Day raised $4.9 million last year, and we are so excited to be participating (again or for the first time) this year! Mark your calendar for May 1 and visit for more info!


Tell us why you’ll be supporting us on May 1 #GiveNOLA Day.

(Recruit 5-10 people that have agreed to comment on this post, and ask them to share it on their Facebook as well to amplify your message to their Facebook friends.)

Feel free to use all of these, or just pick out the Give Nola tags.

#GiveNola #GiveNolaDay #alittlehopegoesalongway #travelersaidneworleans #travelersaid #nola #help #hope #home #nolaliving #nolastrong #donate #give

Use this info on the campaign page you create via and/or in communications with your 10 potential donors.

Crisis-Intervention Counseling:

The Crisis Intervention Counseling Program is the core service of Travelers Aid Society, offering immediate emergency assistance and crisis counseling on a walk-in basis.  Anyone who is homeless or displaced is eligible for services. The program also provides extended case management services focused on long term needs for employment, transitional or permanent housing, and other resources necessary to help people regain stability and independence.


Self-Help Employment Program (SHEP):

This program is for individuals seeking full-time permanent employment. This unique program was designed to meet the overall needs of homeless individuals seeking full-time employment. Any homeless person can walk-in to inquire about how to enroll in the program.

Thank you for all your continued support of Travelers Aid!


Feel free to reach out to Jaimie Hamilton with any issues or questions you may have!