New Branding for Travelers Aid Society of GNO


New Branding for Travelers Aid Society of GNO


Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans’ 2018 branding refreshed! We decided it was time for an upgrade to our image to match our timeless mission: preventing homelessness and helping homeless, or stranded families and individuals, regain a self-sufficient lifestyle.


The Logo:

  • multiple icons to represent the different ways we help homeless people get back to a self-sufficient lifestyle
  • the icons create a heart-shape to represent the main ingredient in our programs: HOPE
  • One of our taglines, Helping To End Homelessness, to help people recognize what we do
  • a horizontal version for different layout options

The Taglines:

Helping to end homelessness.

  • the core of our mission is to eradicate homelessness in the Greater New Orleans area through helping people obtain self-sufficiency.

A little hope goes a long way.

  • even a small donation will end up having a huge impact on our clients. Keeping their hope alive is what keeps them going past life’s hurdles.

The Color Palette:


Instills confidence and trust in our clients.

Creates a friendly and optimistic ambiance.

Keeps that ray of hope alive!

Would you like to help us with our mission?