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The Crisis Intervention Counseling Program is the core service of Travelers Aid Society, offering immediate emergency assistance and crisis counseling on a walk-in basis.  Anyone who is homeless or displaced is eligible for services. The program also provides extended case management services focused on long term needs for employment, transitional or permanent housing, and other resources necessary to help people regain stability and independence.

Support services may include:

  • Food. Clothing and Shelter
  • Rental/Utility Payment (when funding is available)
  • Toiletries
  • ID
  • Bus Tokens
  • Day Shelter
  • Limited Space for Storage of Belongings
  • An address to receive mail
  • Telephone/Fax/Computer/Internet Access
  • Etc.
Nationwide communication with family, friends, or other resources is provided through the Travelers Aid International Chain of Services.

Day Shelter

Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans is housed in the Community Resource and Referral Center. In our facility, we are able to offer Day Shelter. As a place of Day Shelter, individuals may come to be indoors, make use of showers, telephone, laundry services, bathroom facilities, basic necessities that many of us might take for granted. We provide a safe place of respite for individuals to simply sit, or watch television, a space where there is no threat of arrest for loitering.

Self-Help Employment Program (SHEP)

The Travelers Aid Self-Help Employment Program (SHEP) was started in 1985 as a result of the large number of clients requesting assistance in finding employment. This program is for individuals seeking full-time permanent employment.

This unique program was designed to meet the overall needs of homeless individuals seeking full-time employment.

Any homeless person can walk-in to inquire about how to enroll in the program.

Support services may include:

  • Pre and post employment counseling
  • Job search/readiness skills training
  • Bus pass/tokens, until the first paycheck
  • Food/shelter vouchers
  • Mail receipt address/voicemail/phone/fax/computer/internet access
  • Storage of personal belongings
  • Assistance with work uniforms and/or tools
  • Identification
  • Laundry and toiletries, etc.
  • Rental assistance may be available, based on funding availability.

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